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Why Choose Bluemoon for Process Serving?

Helping clients for over 40 years

Welcome to Bluemoon Investigations, your trusted partner in delivering seamless and reliable process serving solutions for private investigators. Our commitment to excellence and efficiency ensures that legal documents are served with precision and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

How it works

Our team of experienced process servers understands the intricacies of legal procedures. Whether you need documents served for a court case, legal notice, or any other matter, we have the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

With a vast network of skilled process servers across the nation, we can handle your service of process needs wherever they may arise. No matter the jurisdiction or location, we are dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate document delivery.

We prioritise the confidentiality and discretion of each case. Our process servers are trained to handle sensitive information with the utmost care, maintaining the privacy of all parties involved.

Time is of the essence in legal matters. Our commitment to prompt and reliable service means you can trust us to deliver your legal documents within the specified timeframe. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

How it works:

  1. Submit Your Request: Begin by submitting your process serving request through our user-friendly online portal. Provide essential details about the case and the documents to be served.
  2. Assigning a Process Server: Our system will match your request with the most suitable process server in the designated area. You will receive confirmation and details of the assigned server.
  3. Service of Process: Our experienced process server will promptly and professionally deliver the legal documents to the intended recipient. Throughout the process, you can track the status of your request.
  4. Confirmation and Documentation: Once the service is complete, you will receive confirmation and documentation, including proof of service, to support your legal proceedings.
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