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Our Expertise in Relationship Investigations

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At Bluemoon, we understand the delicate nature of family relationships and the challenges that may arise. Our comprehensive range of relationship investigation services is tailored to support individuals and families navigating various situations. Whether you're seeking answers to strengthen bonds, resolve conflicts, or address concerns, our experienced team is here to provide the clarity and support you need.

How it works

In cases of suspicion or uncertainty, our investigators use proven methods to uncover the truth. From infidelity concerns to family disputes, we employ ethical and legal means to provide you with the information necessary for informed decision-making.

For families navigating the challenges of child custody and support, our services can play a pivotal role. We conduct thorough investigations to ensure the well-being of children and to support legal proceedings related to custody and support arrangements.

Our team approaches relationship investigations with empathy and sensitivity, recognising the importance of preserving family dynamics. We work discreetly to gather information, respecting the emotional complexities involved in family matters.

In cases where families have been separated or lost contact, our investigators specialise in family reunification. We use our resources to trace and locate individuals, facilitating the reunion of loved ones and restoring family connections.

How it works:

  1. Consultation and Information Gathering: Start by scheduling a consultation with our team. Share your concerns, goals, and the specific details of your situation. Our investigators will work with you to gather essential information.
  2. Customised Investigation Plan: Based on the information provided, we will create a customised investigation plan. Whether it’s verifying suspicions, conducting background checks, or locating family members, our approach is tailored to your unique needs.
  3. Investigation Execution: Our skilled investigators will execute the investigation plan with precision and discretion. We use a combination of traditional and modern investigative techniques to gather accurate and relevant information.
  4. Results and Guidance: Once the investigation is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings. Our team is available to provide guidance and support as you navigate the next steps in your family relationship journey.
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