Professional bodies

A large range of enquiry solutions are offered to Professional bodies such as Lawyers, Finance Houses and Institutions, Local Authorities, Government Departments, Utility Companies and many more.

Professional bodies utilise the services of Bluemoon Investigations and treat us as their ‘investigation department’ for all their investigative and intelligence gathering needs, which allows them to make balanced decisions based on facts and reality – which saves both time and money.

We are able to deal with the vast diversity of enquiries with speed, professionalism, efficiency and still pay attention to the smallest detail which is often the most important.

With many Professional bodies looking at the Private Sector to get ‘best value’ we are well placed at the forefront and are always ready to assist in whatever problem clients encounter.


The Corporate world suffers from a range of problems such as Absenteeism, Espionage, Internal Fraud or Theft, Deception, Data misappropriation, Breaches of Contracts or Covenants to name a few. The list is endless but Bluemoon Investigations have a range of solutions and countermeasures to solve all these issues and can suggest preventative measures which will reduce or stop any repetition of the problem.

We have found that more and more enquiries from the Corporate world involves Fraud in one way or another, whether it is a member of staff who is ‘off sick’ whilst working somewhere else or fraudulent use of company goods or intellectual property.

It is an unfortunate fact that security is not always high on the agenda of the Corporate world but we can offer a financially viable solution acting as an independent investigation arm to our clients.

It is a well known fact that fraud costs companies millions of pounds each year in loss one way or the other.

General Enquiries

Bluemoon Investigations realizes that no two clients are alike and their requirements cover a myriad of subjects but the common denominator is that their problem is a major issue to them at the time.

We exercise sensitivity, empathy and compassion and act in a considerate manner when bringing about a conclusion to these problems, especially when the issue is of a delicate, personal nature.

Private Investigators are usually deemed ‘a last resort’ when the problem seems endless and it has been stated many times by clients that they wished they had come to us in the first instance.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but employing a Private Investigator can often give a client foresight with which to make the right decision or indicate the correct course of action.