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Our comprehensive suite of background enquiry services is designed to provide clarity and confidence in various scenarios. Whether you're conducting pre-employment investigations, staff vetting, CV checks, or statements as to means, our experienced team is committed to delivering accurate and reliable information to support your decision-making processes.

How it works

Make confident hiring decisions with our pre-employment investigations. We delve into an individual's background, verifying credentials, checking employment history, and uncovering any red flags that may impact their suitability for the position.

Ensure the integrity of your team through our staff vetting services. Whether it's confirming the background of existing employees or vetting potential partners, we provide the insights needed to safeguard your organisation's reputation and security.

Verify the accuracy of candidate information with our meticulous CV checks. We go beyond what's presented on paper, confirming qualifications, employment history, and other essential details to ensure that you have a complete and accurate picture.

In legal matters, our statements as to means services provide a detailed assessment of an individual's financial situation. This can be crucial in various cases, such as family law proceedings or disputes, offering a comprehensive understanding of an individual's financial means.

How it works:

  1. Consultation and Information Gathering: Start by scheduling a consultation with our background enquiries team. Clearly outline your objectives, whether it’s pre-employment investigations, staff vetting, CV checks, or statements as to means. Our experts will gather the necessary information to tailor our services to your needs.
  2. Customized Background Enquiries Plan: Based on the consultation, we will create a customized background enquiries plan. Our approach is designed to meet the unique requirements of your scenario, ensuring a focused and effective investigation.
  3. Execution of Background Enquiries: Our skilled investigators will execute the background enquiries plan with precision and discretion. Using advanced tools and techniques, we work diligently to provide you with accurate and relevant information to support your decision-making processes.
  4. Results and Decision Support: Once the background enquiries are complete, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings. Our team is available to provide guidance and support as you interpret the results and make informed decisions based on the information gathered.
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