The assignment

We were contacted by a client to carry out a surveillance in Thailand upon her husband who had travelled there to play golf, or so he told his wife. She was suspicious that there was an ulterior motive as to why this trip was planned.

Finding the man

A 2 man surveillance team went to Thailand and checked into the same hotel that the husband was booked into.

It was quickly established, by seeing his golf clubs in the security locker in the hotel, that he was still staying there. A surveillance was setup in the hotel foyer, but did not sight the subject.

The next morning it was established that the subject and female friend had left the day before our agents arrived, although he had not checked out of the hotel. They had travelled to another part of Thailand.

Enquiries were made and it was established that both the husband and the ‘friend’ had gone to one of the islands in Southern Thailand. It was not possible to find out where they were staying on the island.

The agents had to make a decision. Do they go to this island and carry out an almost impossible tracing enquiry? Or, do they stay at the hotel and glean as much information as they could?

A call was placed to the client and it was decided that the agents should stay put and see what they could learn.

Gathering evidence

From investigations, the agents were able to identify the name of the female friend. It was quickly learned where she lived and video film was taken of her residence and subsequently her business premises.

We also learned that she had stayed at the hotel on 2 earlier occasions with the subject; so we knew this was an on-going affair.

During the one week stay our agents were able to obtain substantial evidence that the subject was in a relationship with another women.


All the evidence was presented to the client upon our agents return to the UK.

This case study highlights the need to be able to ‘think on your feet’, and to be flexible when the need arises.

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