The assignment
We were instructed by a Solicitor to serve a Divorce Petition upon a male. This seemed straight forward. However, the client had informed us that the man was very evasive and a previous Process Server had tried to serve him without success.

The first visit
One of our agents went to the address around 1800hrs and saw the man inside the house through the window. When the agent knocked on the door he heard a voice ask “What do you want?”

The agent asked if he was the named person, to which the man replied “Yeah, what do you want?”

The agent explained that he had some important documentation for him, that he should receive and deal with. The agent was then greeted with silence.

After a short while the agent saw the man running through the back garden. Too late to do anything today.

Our agent then formulated a plan for the next evening.

The second visit
The next evening our agent returned to the property at around the same time and once again saw the man through the window. The agent knocked on the door.

When the man shouted through the door the agent said “I came last night to deliver some important papers to you but you did not open the door. I am going to stay here until you do.”

There was silence. The agent ran to the back of the house and met the man as he was running out the back door. The agent said “Ah, there you are, I was at the wrong door.”

The man stopped in his tracks and our agent touched him with the documents and stated “Mr XXXXX you are served and I strongly advise you to read these papers.”

The man took the papers from our agent and silently went back into the house.

Our agent had a quiet chuckle to himself – job done – simple really.

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